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About Us

Seishin Karate Club Corby

Seishin Karate Club Corby was born from the desire for pragmatic, realistic Karate training which is fun, challenging, safe and rewarding, but above all offered the opportunity to develop real world appropriate self protection skills.

Our instructors have over 30 years of Karate experience between them, as well as time spent studying other arts, and in recent years have sought to increase their Karate skill sets by training with a wide range of renowned instructors from multiple styles of Karate all over the UK.

Both sharing a passion for pragmatic, pressure tested Karate that stands up in the real world, we believe we offer something that many local clubs don't - an honest approach to realistic Karate, with real thought on how those techniques can be applied in potentially life saving situations, rather than on a mat at a competition.

While we respect and enjoy sports Karate, our main focus will be self protection, although everything taught will be labelled in the context of either self protection, or sport Karate, so you know which skills you're developing at any given time.


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