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About Us

Sensei Ben & Sensei Ian

Sensei Ian has been training in martial arts for nearly 30 years, beginning his journey training in Thai Boxing.


After a few years of competing in local & national tournaments he decided to try something totally different and discovered Koryu Japanese Ju Jitsu, training first with Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu then Nihon Kobudo UK.

It was while accompanying him to Ju Jitsu that his daughter showed some interest in learning a martial art so he looked around and found a local Karate club which changed the direction of his training forever.

After starting classes with his daughter Ian fell in love with Karate and that set him researching the history and background around Karate.

Since first obtaining his Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) then Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt) in Shotokan Karate, Ian has attended many seminars from the best of the practical Karate community to expand his skills & knowledge and to meet like minded Karateka.


Since lockdown has eased Ian has also taken up Brazilian Ju Jitsu to yet again expand his skill set by cross training with other martial arts.

Now Ian and long time training partner Ben have joined together to open Seishin Karate Club to teach Shotokan Karate with an applied focus.


Sensei Ben attended his first Karate lesson nearly 30 years ago, aged 8, inspired by a family member who is a black belt and instructor in several martial arts, including Karate.

After achieving a black belt in Karate in his teenage years, he studied several different styles of Karate including Shotokan, Wado Ryu, and derivatives of both.

Ben returned to Shotokan Karate over 10 years ago, earning both his first dan black belt (Shodan) and second dan black belt (Nidan) in Shotokan Karate.

Over several years Ben has been working to expand his skillset in practical applied Karate through personal study, and training with renowned Karateka of different styles who specialise in applied Karate for self protection.

Now Ben and long term training partner Ian have joined together to open Seishin Karate Club to teach Shotokan Karate with a focus on applied techniques for self protection.

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